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Why should I try speed dating?

To find serious relationships

First time. What to expect

Upon arrival the ladies and gentlemen will be kept apart, normally in separate rooms.  Your host will introduce everyone and give a small introductory speech. 

Men will generally gather around the bar area, talk about business and sports before swapping business cards.

The ladies will normally sit around tables and socialize before being asked to take their place at their allocated table. The tables are normally marked A1 to A16 and depending which table you sit at, this becomes your number. 

The men then enter the room and sit down with the lady that has the same number that they have been allocated. For example, B1 will go and sit down with the lady at table A1 and so on. Each person is given a personalized badge with their name and number upon it. 

At the sound of 1the siren (musical tune) conversation and learning about each other begins.  Every 4 minutes the siren will sound and the men will move to the next table (ladies stay seated) until 16 meetings have taken place.

After each 4 minutes meeting you then must decide to put a plus + or a minus - (would like to meet again) or if you hit it offimmediately contact details can be exchanged their and then.  

You only get put in contact with the people you want to meet and who also want to meet you again - no awkward phone calls or having to avoid people you did not get on well with.

Speed dating is a social event and generally a great nights entertainment.  You may not find true love the first time but you will surely meet new friends, acquaintances and business contacts, if nothing else.

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  • speed dating в Москве recommendation: intermediate english level


  • Every Sunday
    At 7pm
  • Smolenka Café & Bar
    Smolensky Boulevard, 1/2
    m.Park kultury, Smolenskaya