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Why should I try speed dating?

To find serious relationships

Speed dating articles

What is Speed Dating?

1As more people understand the benefits of Speed Dating and its popularity increases it will soon be the norm to meet your perspective partner at such events, speed dating is fast becoming a world wide phenomenon with 1000s of events held weekly.

Speed dating became popular in the very late 90s in the United States. The first speed-dating event took place at Pete’s Café in Beverly Hills in 1998.

1How does Speed Dating work?

Upon arrival the ladies and gentlemen will be kept apart, normally in separate rooms.  Your host will introduce everyone and give a small introductory speech. 

Men will generally gather around the bar area, talk about business and sports before swapping business cards.

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  • speed dating в Москве recommendation: intermediate english level


  • Every Sunday
    At 7pm
  • Smolenka Café & Bar
    Smolensky Boulevard, 1/2
    m.Park kultury, Smolenskaya